the devil's diary


Robert Wittman speaks about the riveting detective story behind the recovery of the diary of Alfred Rosenberg, Adolph Hitler's chief philosopher and thinker. Many believe that Rosenberg is the man who transformed Hitler from a common former corporal in the German Army into the Fuerher responsible for more than 50 million deaths in the greatest cataclysm the world has ever known. The 400-page handwritten diary was first discovered by General George Patton's troops as they stormed across Germany in the waning days of World War II. It was sent to Nuremberg and placed into evidence. But before it was transcribed, the diary vanished. The precious unknown information it held vanished with it until Robert Wittman recovered the diary in 2013. 

In this enthralling presentation, Wittman reveals the fate of the writing and the secrets that have been gleaned from its pages. THE DEVIL’S DIARY chronicles Wittman’s dramatic recovery of the long-lost private diary of Alfred Rosenberg, who, as the Nazi Party’s chief ideologue, laid the philosophical foundations for the Holocaust.


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