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“Amalfi Cave – Heinrich Burkel – Recovered in 2005”

Many artworks and antiquities for sale on the market today are not properly documented. Auction houses, private collectors and galleries provide opportunities for thieves to sell illegally acquired arts and antiques. Inadvertent sales of illicit works can damage the reputation of both the buyer and the seller, while also putting him or her at risk of civil and criminal litigation.

We recognize this potential problem and provide proactive protection to prevent victimization, saving our clients thousands in ensuing legal battles.

Our company is uniquely positioned to provide expertise in:

• Verifying statements;
• Collecting Information about specific works;
• Analyzing relevant facts;
• Coordinating available information between parties involved;

We ask the tough questions!

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Art Recovery | Museum Security | Expert Testimony |
Collection Management Services

“Amalfi Cave – Heinrich Burkel – Recovered in 2005”